The exact moment I lost my mind.  This is where he says he is taking Into the Storm to CinemaCon.  CinemaCon is in Las Vegas.  I live in Las Vegas.  I thought last weeks trip to California while Richard was in California was as close as I was going to get to him.  HE IS GOING TO BE IN THE SAME CITY AS ME!!!!!  I honestly didn’t think that would ever happen to me!  Unfortunately I have to work and can’t go to CinemaCon but I am thinking that since I have to work the later shift, I might get up early and go where the event is held and wander about for awhile and pray I spot a certain brit.  Screenshot is courtesy of the part three interview with Richard Armitage on the Anglophile Channel on YouTube.

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    Best of luck, hon—I hope you get to see him!
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    Your best bet is Caesars on Thursday Afternoon March 27th. That’s when Warner Bros is showing off their upcoming films...
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